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Hi, I'm Aliah. 16 and mixed. I started to like Justin Bieber. Pretty Little Liars is my current fave. I spread love and not hates ;)

29/05 Mag Inc project at Naqia's
30/05 Balik kampung
03/06 Date with Beeha


  But Enough is Enough

Perhatian. Post ini berkaitan dengan Justin Bieber. Jika kurang suka, diharap berundur dari blog saya.

Saya nak cakap yang saya suka Justin Bieber yang baru.  Album baru dia kurang sikit sifat childish. Eh ?


17 tracks, 1 hour, 131.2 MB

If you ask me, what's my favourite song of his new album, I can't even answer you. There's like plenty of good songs. Here are some of my personal favourites :

1. Catching Feelings *lirik dia dekat gif atas tu*
2. Fall 
3. Take You
4. All Around the World

The song She Don't Like the Lights is about Selena Gomez. Weird -.-

Download link :

That's all for today, Blogger buddies ! Assalamualaikum (Y)

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